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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Madness Proves My Point of Minnesota Embarrassing Itself

Wow, what a crazy and sad week it has been in the Twin Cities. First, the Vikes are looking great and kicking San Diego's ass, and then all of a sudden the offense disappeared, letting the Chargers win the game. Then, the Twins look like they are being paid to throw games or something, because I have never seen a baseball team get so creative at losing. And then of course, Michelle Bachmann goes all menstrual on vaccines, and how they are the devil's instrument of terror!

But, the strangest thing that really caught my eye, was this Missoni Madness that had a whole bunch of people buying shit from TARGET!!!! and flipping it for way more dough (These guys aren't the most rational of people) on eBay and Craigslist. Sure, that sounds brilliant, but this Missoni shit already costs hundreds of dollars in the first place, and it's from fucking Target, which has stores all across the fucking country! Sure, it's not just like Wal Mart, but you'd think with a chain franchise the size of Target, that there'd be no chance in hell that whoever would want to buy this would be left in the cold, right? WRONG!

You see, Target "claimed" that it's website shut down (Yeah, by the way, I wasn't able to post anything due to the "massive" amounts on my traffic too Target. Get real, if you're website shut down that easily, then I'd suggest getting a better server), which I guess caused crazed women across the country got their fashion senses tingling and they ran down to Targets in mobs, fighting over piles of shitty looking clothes, suitcases and bicycles (Jesus, what kind of company is this again?), wrestling over the "precious" and "limited edition" products.

OK, before I get way too ahead of myself, you may ask what the fuck is Missoni? So, I checked it out on the Target website (which mysteriously worked perfectly) and the tagline is and I quote: "Yep, it's that Missoni. we're excited too." (So excited that we didn't even bother capitalizing the "we") What the fuck does that mean? Well, basically it's this Italian guy who slathers on stripes and shapes on all of the random crap that you could think of, and sells it for ten times as much. (And by the way, this website was designed by Missoni, so if you pay at minimum $23,575.78, then you can have it!) Don't believe me? Here are some pictures of this stuff:

OK, so I might have picked the worst ones, but I just do not see the appeal of this at all. I mean the colour schemes (Using the Canadian spelling because I'm too ashamed to be in Minnesota. Wait, are there Targets in Canada?) are basically shitty brown, piss yellow and vomity pink. Don't be fooled when someone tells you that's "butternut" or "daisy" or my personal favorite "milk chocolate", because these are just euphemisms for what I described. Honestly, I swear Mr. Missoni got the idea when his crackwhore daughter came back after hitting the club and told him her shirt was "all the rage". He then put in stripes and zig zags and bam, you're a professional fashion designer. It's actually an admirable tale, but to be honest, I really don't care.

What I'm truly upset about is the fact that I've been hearing about women stripping their clothes off because the fitting rooms were all filled up, and cat fights left and right. I have scoured all across the internet to find just a little video, but sadly no person was brave enough to document the carnage that had unfolded (Well, one guy did, but he got stampeded to death) so here's all I could get.

Ten bucks says she knocked a couple of teeth to get these.

Attorney's Note: Jon, I am afraid you just do not get the fashion world at all. Missoni is a well respected brand and it was not inspired by his vomit and urine coated daughter! In fact, my wife and I waited from five a clock in the morning to get some clothes and it was well worth it. By the way, can anyone stomach this long enough to actually read the bottom?

Writer's Note: Grow a pair and stop getting whipped man. Besides, I'm just bummed out that I couldn't witness this mess. And yes, I'm sure some decrepit creep out there is so lowly, so lonely, that he'd be reading this blog. And that person is YOU! (I know I used way too many parentheses, shut up!)

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