Squire's Squadron's Speaking in Tongues!

Squire's Squadron is speaking in tongues! But only half of them apparently.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Squire's Squadron to Hit 100!* Writer's Note

Well, as of this writing, my non successful, award losing blog has had 95 views. Now obviously that's not much to brag about, but I feel that this milestone is worth celebrating. Especially considering that my blog is only twelve days old (Here's my first post!). Now, this post is not supposed to be humorous, it's just a big thank you for all of my readers who have read my blog back when I was proclaiming it to be the greatest ever to talking about my shitty blog. Still, for those that are new to this site, you may wonder what the big deal is. Well, to be frankfully honest I didn't think it'd be this far so soon, especially considering it only averaged one view a day for a whole damn week. Yet I still made a little money!

Here, I want to explain the different areas to this blog. The R. A. R. S. M. page has all of my unique stories and strange ideas that you may enjoy. I add all of the week's R.A.R.S.M. articles there every Sunday. The Old Scraps From the Grapevine page is where I put up my faux news articles that I am affiliated with The Leaky Wiki (which is a nice site to put up Onion-esque news articles. Warning: Can be addicting!). There are many other wacky widgets in here but I'll leave that up to you to explore.

Also, I want to thank HubPages (the same one I berated 2 weeks ago but gets 40% of my audience and counting) my mom, and of course you. Thank You and adieu-

Jon Hunt
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