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Friday, August 19, 2011

Totally Not a Scam! URL Appraisal and other Site "Evaluators"

Hello everyone. I just wanted you guys to know that my website, Squire's Squadron is worth $23,575.58! NOT! Come on, it's worth way more than that, URL Appraisal! I understand you want to be more realistic and try to lowball it a little bit, but I could barely afford an American car with that little money, let alone a functioning one. I suppose that's your evil plan URL Appraisals, to try and get me to sell my site for virtually nothing. I'll have you know that this site, which is the Two Million Six Hundred and Seventy Nine Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Ninth best site in the Universe is just so great that other bloggers offer me hundreds of dollars just to comment on my new Disqus platform. And I keep telling them thanks, but no thanks because it's just not worth your opinions ruining the greatness of my FACTS (Which is why there's like no comments here, not because no one cares what I say).

So, what is URL Appraisal's evil plan with my site anyway? Why do they continue to try to lower the value of my incredibly awesome and not fucking shitty site? Call me crazy, but I have come up with an interesting theory. See, there is this site called Flippa.com (too lazy to link it up, sorry) and I believe that URL Appraisal is trying to lure me to sell my blog, in order to make millions, nay, billions on this incredibly lucrative goldmine. Well, the joke is on you, because I will proudly display your badge as a protest to your hostile takeovers of small, innocent little websites just managing to scrape a couple mill once in a while. Join me, and boycott URL Appraisals for not only do they spit on my blog, they also get free advertising (as if there wasn't enough fucking ads already)! So, just to prove my point, I went to cubestats.com, which seemed to be nice enough to give me a break and give me a legitimate idea as to my site's value.


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