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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thanks For the Offer, But I'll Pass. For Intelligent Bloggers Like Me!

Well, sometimes I glance at other blogs such as spiceupmyblog.com and betterblog.com and other sites like that, mostly to just mock them at how lame their sites are compared to mine. However, they usually have some good widgets, tips, and ideas, all of which are free. So, if they want us fellow bloggers to do blogging for free, then why do they want us to be getting our own domain so badly? I mean, no offense but unless if you get like 1000 views a day or something, why bother? No point in having to pay rent just to have "your own" site, when you can keep yours for free.

Still though, I hear these guys just crowing about how incredible and awesome having your own domain is. It truly makes you feel super entitled, and uhhhhhhh. I'm pretty sure that these guys are getting paid to give rave reviews from Google or Godaddy/ HostGator, etc., because why the hell else would you brag about this? For all of you saying "Wait Jon, you have no idea what you're talking about! It makes your site look professional and aesthetically pleasing. You also get your own URL too!" Well, that's nice, but news flash I'm not a professional! I'm just some kid talking shit on the web, and just that. Anyway, I decided to try it out and with Google being such a nice sport, they gave me a preview. Here's the before and after pics.

Whoa, who'll be able to recognize my site? I mean, what if someone visited my site and were like "Whoa! What the fuck just happened? Is this some imitator site or something? Did Jon get hacked? I'll go back to using the Internet the way it was intended, porn." All two of my loyal visitors would be desperately searching for my blog, futilely trying to bask in it's original glory, only to come up empty handed.

Apparently, another perk of this whole ideal is to change your ridiculous looking URL with something a little more streamlined. For example, in order to get this page (you know, unless if you Follow by Email, bookmark it, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, subscribe me on reddit, digg, feedburner, delicious, etc.), you'd need to type in www.squiresquadron.blogspot.com, instead of squiresquadron.com. Now, that's understandably a huge difference, so instead of that, you could just bookmark this or something. (Hell, Google this shit!)

Anyways, I made this post because Hostgator paid me a whole chunk of change to review them, and I feel it's worth every damn penny.

Attorney's Note: Uhhh, I am pretty sure that's not what HostGator intended when they asked you to post a review of them on your site. In fact, I suggest taking this down and formally apologizing to them right now for this hijinks!

Writer's Note: Why don't I just bend over for them too? I tell it like it is America (And the rest of the World too I guess)

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